Preparing Your Home to Sell Faster

Charleston homes for saleIf you are looking to sell your home and want to avoid it sitting on the market for years, then you need to take some proactive steps to get your home looking as appealing to potential buyers as possible. These are not complicated practices, in fact, most of them you are going to have to do eventually before you leave the house, so let’s get to it.

Here are the top 10 ways to prepare your house for a faster sale from the leader in Charleston homes for salePremier One Charleston :

1. Start by removing all that clutter. This means get those closets in order, get everything off floors, and make the house as roomy as possible. Don’t try to hide it in the garage, rent a storage unit and get everything in boxes and out of the house.

2. Hire a professional cleaning service to steam clean your carpeting, wash the windows, and treat your upholstery. The key here is making the house looking and smelling as inviting as possible.

3. Take down any pictures of your family because you are trying to give potential buyers the opportunity to feel what it would be like to live there, not imagining your family not living there.

4. Call a power-washing company to clean your driveway, fences, gutters, sidewalks, and deck.

5. Clean your garage too because when people are walking through the house, they are going to be checking as many places as possible to imagine where they can place all their belongings.

6. Increase curb appeal by having the grass cut, hedges trimmed, trees clipped, and flowers planted. Make the buyers fall in love with the house before they even walk in the door.

7. Turn the lights on in every room, closet, attic, garage, so that buyers can walk in and out of the rooms without struggling to find light switches.

8. If you have pets, keep them in the yard or caged when potential buyers visit. Not all folks are pet lovers.

9. Always leave the house so the buyers and their realtor can have a more relaxing experience without you breathing down their necks.

10. Be sure that if you are going to leave things behind like window treatments, patio furniture, garage shelving, or potted outdoor plants that your realtor has flyers printed that can be handed to the buyers so they know exactly what they can get for the asking price.

Now that you know how to prepare the house, all you have to do each time buyers arrive is to disappear and leave the selling to the professionals.