Content Marketing Tips for More Traffic

When it comes to the subject of content marketing, you really need to know your audience or you are simply wasting your efforts. If you are trying to reach an audience looking to train their puppies, and your content is all about dealing with older dogs, you run the risk of not only losing a huge chunk of your audience, you may get dropped in the search engine rankings because your content is not relevant.

Consider these tips to improve upon your content marketing efforts brought to us by the Charleston SEO gurus over at onQsites;

1. The first thing that you must do is try to identify a need in your target audience. So sticking with the puppy theme, if your audience is people who have new puppies, you should create an article on your website related to housebreaking a new puppy. Using relevant keywords will allow the search engines to better find your content and put it in front of the people you want coming back to your website.

2. With content marketing, you have to make sure that the meta fields on your website relate to the subject at hand. If you are promoting an article on how to stop a puppy from biting, then there needs to be puppy biting keywords in all the meta fields of that one page. This makes it easier for the search engine spiders to find your content, index the page, and then place it in the organic search standing for the major search engines.

3. One of the other things you must do when it comes to content marketing is to make it easier for your audience to take the desired action. If you are writing an article on puppy teething, and the organic traffic arrives to your page, you have to present an offer in that article or you risk losing your captive audience. On that page must be a call to action that directs the visitor to click here for more information, click here to join the mailing list, or click here to buy our book on puppy teething.

4. Lastly, with content marketing you have to laser in and focus on specific items within a niche. If you are writing about puppy training, you have too large and audience and your message will get lost. Choose something specific like puppies dealing with older dogs, and you solve a problem many dog owners experience.

These tips for creating compelling content will help to reach your target audience and grow your following more easily too.